What is the WomanUP Conference?

Born from an obvious gap in the WNY events space, the WomanUP Conference has grown into an innovative semiannual summit providing a forum that gives women the opportunity to share, mentor and grow under one roof as a community. We exist to maximize educational and growth opportunities that help shape women from all generations and walks of life, shifting mindsets to drive lasting and meaningful change.

It’s not just a “feel good” conference, but also an educational journey that strives to provide the tools necessary to drive progress, highlighting the courageous women of today while laying the groundwork for many to follow in their footsteps.

What our two yearly events look like:

(1) Topical mini-event

As the smaller of our two events, this day usually involves less topics, speakers and breakout sessions, instead focusing on an important theme for growth providing tools and subject experts.

+ Highlights

  • Around 100 women

  • Keynote speaker

  • Topic & tools for growth with subject experts

  • Networking time

  • Lunch and refreshments

  • Additional activities depending on topic

(2) Signature event

This is our pioneering full-day conference held at a unique location, complete with a “pick-your-path” structure for planning your experience for personal and professional growth.

+ Highlights

  • Between 200 - 400 women
  • Keynote speakers, panel discussions, roundtable talks, breakout sessions
  • Networking time
  • Lunch, refreshments, and cocktail hour
  • Conference swag bag
  • Much more!

We’ve partnered with SheCAN!

We are incredibly excited to have partnered with The SheCAN! Women's Network to present a series of "Mindset Monday" workshops for personal and professional growth to community women.


Great learning experience

“The Woman Up Conference was not only a great learning experience, but one of the best events I've been to in a long time!”

A phenomenal event

“The breakout sessions had fantastic topics, facilitators and empowering speakers. It truly was a phenomenal event to attend!”

Something for everyone

“We enjoyed the variety of topics and round-table discussions. There seemed to be something for everyone in attendance.”