2016 Woman Up ConferencE -Buffalo, NY

8:00am - 8:45am

Registration & connecting in conjunction with guided and unguided museum tours

Continental breakfast available until 10:00am

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8:35am - 10:00am

Woman Up Conference opening remarks

  • Introductions
  • Acknowledgements


  • Joan Graci
  • Karen King
  • Kristen Luppino-Gholston
  • Althea Luehrsen

Additional speakers TBA

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10:00am - 11:00am

Live Interview and Q&A Session with Kim Pegula

  • Guest: Kim Pegula
  • Introduced by Carol Horton, VP of Marketing and Public Relations for The Buffalo News
  • Facilitator: Joan Graci

11:00am - 11:15am


11:15am - 12:00pm

NeuroLeadership Keynote:

"Getting Your Head in the Game for Advancement"

This presentation will feature practical tools on how to utilize neuroscience, in a way that allows an individual to achieve maximum fulfillment.

This knowledge can be a game changer for women. It introduces how certain thoughts may be prohibiting a woman from moving her career (and organization) forward.  The data strongly suggests that Women of all generations tend to be more comfortable talking about the expertise and excellence of their company, rather than their own accomplishments.

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Lunch (provided for attendees)

  • Includes a keynote discussion which will highlight innovating and breaking barriers within a traditionally male-dominated working environment
  • Speaker: Vicki Salemi

1:00pm -3:00pm

Breakout Sessions & Roundtable Discussions

  • 2 sessions with breaks in between
  • Attendees will be able to choose which seminars/discussions to attend

Breakout Sessions: Smaller panels/seminars (25-50 attendees)

  • "Stress Relief Through Meditation" (Susan Dintino)
  • "Wage & Equality" (Althea E. Luehrsen)
  • "Personal Branding & Executive Presence" (Mary Kate Loftus & Mary Ellen Oare)

Roundtable Discussions: Relaxed conversations with mentors on various topics (up to 9 attendees)

  • "Achieve Work Life Balance for a Startup or Small Business" (Alison B. Cummings)
  • "Critical Factors Impacting College Admissions Success" (Danielle DelMonte)
  • "The Myth of Having it All" (Lorena Mathien)
  • "There’s Nothing Casual about First Impressions” (Molly McGowan)
  • "Key Marketing Strategies for Small Business" (Annette Pinder)
  • "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Outcomes" (Nancy Rizzo)
  • "Getting What You Want:  Strategies for Successful Negotiation" (Elizabeth Kraengel)
  • "Demystifying the Application Process for the Minority Owned Business" (Allison DeHonney)
  • "Social Media for Small Business" (Tammy Beckman)
  • "How I Reinvented My Career" (Kristin Quattlebaum)
  • "7 Strategies for Developing Resilient Leadership" (Lisa Coppola)
  • "Appreciative Problem Solving" (Lesley Diaz)
  • "Breaking Bias" (Priya Pinto)
  • "One Up with Feng Shui!" (Linda Ellson)
  • "Pitfalls Involved in Hiring and Firing" (Anne Dintino)
  • "How I Paved My Own Way: From a Small Law Firm to an International Organization" (Rosanna Berardi)
  • "Do We Perpetuate as Women a Negative Self-Image?" (Jennifer Zeitler)
  • "How to Monetize Your Passion" (Stephanie Valentine)
  • "Top Tips for Providing an Excellent Customer Service Experience" (Peggy Sullivan)
  • "Navigating in the Multi-Generational Workspace" (Cathy Sailer)
  • "10 Steps to Financial Empowerment for Women" (Adrienne Rothstein Grace)
  • "Allies vs Mentors" (Christine Howard)
  • "Managing Men" (Pamela Riggins)
  • "The Generational Myths" (Andrea Todaro)
  • "Enlighten Up!" (Mary Kate O'Connell)

3:00 - 4:00pm

Panel Discussion:

"HR Through the Generations"

Human Resource representatives of different generations come together to discuss and answer questions regarding the realities of working in a multi-generational environment.

  • Panelists: Christie Joseph, Jennifer Nowak, Jill Ball, Suzanne Lutz, Claudia Shoro
  • Facilitator: Joan Graci